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When you just have to have a Jeep, but want to be able to take her home to momma. This Jeep can crawl the malls as well as she crawls the rocks. We started off with a fully loaded 2020 Jeep JLU Rubicon 2.0L turbo. From the start we set out to build the best example of a mall crawler that can still function in daily driver and off-road roles. We called Fabtech Motorsports and they hooked us up with their DirtLogic coilover long arm suspension package. For wheels and tires we got 22x12" Asanti Offroad AB814 wrapped in 37x13.5r22" Nitto Ridge Grapplers. With the basics wrapped up we moved on to the front and rear bumpers, which naturally we went with Genright aluminum. The front features a Smittybilt winch with synthetic rope. Inside changes include an Alea Leather custom leather package and Rock Hard 4x4 roll cage. Getting in is a breeze with a set of Amp Research XL power steps. Considering its main roll is as a pavement pounder, axle changes were light. Compensating for the 37" tires we got the gears swapped out with a set of Yukon 4.88 gears. These changes make for the best presentation of a mall crawler that can still handle the trails that we could think of.

If you're looking for a build like this call 702.998.1722!

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The long awaited start up of the 6.2 liter, Whipple supercharged, Bruiser tuned LS3 is here. The boys put in long hours to get to this point. We had issues with a $25 crank position sensor ruining our day, fuel injector seals leaking, to a couple harness re-pins. In the end it was all worth it once the engine turned over, and we all got a sample of just how nasty this beast is. Check out the video and stay tuned for more updates!

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We are setting out to build the BADDEST Jeep Gladiator out there. We have teamed up with many of our partners to do so. Stay tuned as we cut into this project. Thanks to GenRite, Powertank, Fabtech Motorsports, Fox Racing shocks, KMC wheels, Alea Leather, and more for contributing.

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